DSA/LAA Awards

A recipient of the Distinguished Service Award shall meet the following qualifications:

A.  Shall be a member of WCRA in good standing; B.  Shall be a working reporter; C.  Shall not be an Officer or Director of WCRA; D.  Shall have been involved in WCRA affairs on an extensive level, during which involvement the candidates shall have rendered distinguished service to this association, which has contributed to its good reputation, general welfare or worthy accomplishments. 

The Committee may consider, among other things, services rendered to State and other reporting associations, public affairs and public relations, writing for association publications and the advancement of the concept of the superior merits of machine shorthand reporting as opposed to other methods.

Nominations of candidates may be submitted only by voting members of WCRA.  Supporting endorsements may be made by other than the above to support the nomination.  The Committee shall not be limited to the names submitted in any one year, but may consider candidates whose names were submitted during the previous two years.

Your DSA nomination should contain the following information: 

1.   Your name and address; 2.  Name and address of the nominee; 3.  Number of years the nominee has been reporting; 4.  Number of years the nominee has been a WCRA member; 5.  List the individual's creative contributions to the welfare of the profession of court reporting; 6.  List any of the individual's significant and distinguished service to the profession as an active participant on boards or committees of any national or state association of court reporters; 7.  List any of the individual's contributions to the profession in such areas as teaching, editing or publications or other contributions as have served to advance the progress of the profession of court reporting.


Send nominations to Meredith Seymour at president.wcra@gmail.com.

The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award shall meet the same criteria but must be a Retired Member.

WCRA Awards

A special thanks to those reporters who have gone above and beyond, given more than was asked of them, and created a better profession for all of us.

Lifetime Achievement Awards 

Distinguished Service Awards

 No award 2001  Kristine Krigsvold 2001
 No award 2002  Collen Reed 2002
 Coley Griffin 2003  Ed Johnson 2003
 Wesley Gales 2004  No award 2004
 Joan Granger 2005  Diane Scott 2005
 William Shimeta 2006  Geri O'Brien 2006
 No award 2007  Gwenn Bever 2007
 No award 2008  No award 2008
 Jack Erkilla 2009  Judy DeRuyter 2009
 No award 2010  Jane Jones 2010
 No award 2011  No award 2011
 Karlye Canfield 2012  Taunia Northouse 2012
 Doris Pfeiffer 2013  Ann Albert 2013
 Roberta Bitler 2014  Mary Burzynski 2014
 Colleen Reed 2015  Christine Willette 2015
 Richard Kienbaum 2016  Kelly Powers    2016
 Laurie Ahlin 2017  Kathy Jagow  2017
 Kelly Powers 2018  Lori Baldauf    2018
 No award 2019  Karla Sommer 2019
 Mary Bader 2021 Judy Zickert 2021

If you would like to nominate someone for either of these awards, please contact the President of WCRA.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about our association, or you would like additional information about court reporting as a profession, please contact us at president.wcra@gmail.com.

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