Pro Bono Program

Volunteer Reporter Information


Thank you for your interest in the WCRA Pro Bono Program.  Please review the Pro Bono Program Guidelines - WCRA.pdf.  Many of the questions you may have can be answered there.  

Once the information is received, the information will be published on the WCRA website.  If you do not wish to have your personal phone number published, you do not need to provide it.  Providing a valid email is sufficient.

After a scheduling party is deemed indigent by the State Bar of Wisconsin and is referred to the website, they will contact you directly to schedule.  All arrangements will be made directly between the reporter and the scheduling party. 

If you are a member of WCRA, you are eligible for reimbursement for your expenses.  Please see the WCRA pro bono form located under the members only section.  Once the information is verified, please email the form following the instructions located on the form.

Thank you for your commitment to giving back to our community!

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about our association, or you would like additional information about court reporting as a profession, please contact us at

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